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April 20, 2009


Fish Tanks

Well done Julie! Im sure she will make a great contribution.

Vira Burgerman

Hello, I am The California Mermaid (r) and do a Mermaidfest in Monte Rio, Calif. each year ,last Sunday in Oct. I will be visiting the Monteray Bay area this Sunday and Monday. I'm looking forward to mttg. people working in the Ocean /river conservancy areas. My festivals focus is on commercial fisheries and river restoration. I hope to do a awarness /educational festival also in August because of the severity of our water shortage and terrible decline in health of our locol tributaries .I also provide the public with info on seafood that is advised to consume with your handy seafood brocheres, I hope to get more of when i come to visit. Thankyou to all of you that are helping educate on our oceans. Vira

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