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June 09, 2009


payday advance

Eating sustainably, in this case, happens to coincide with eating healthily. Fish like mackerel and sardines are much lower in mercury and persistent organic pollutants than big center-of-the-plate culinary stars like swordfish, bluefin and salmon.

Ken Peterson

Thanks for your support! I've passed your message along to our ocean policy team.


Thank you for such valuable information. As we urge residents in Laguna Beach to support a city-wide Marine Reserve, the fishing lobby fires back that our oceans are just fine and they are responsible stewards. Local newspapers print misinformation with limited and biased articles and polls. I will forward this article to our City Council, but we could use your continued help. Our public workshop is July 1 at Aliso Creek Inn and it will be mobbed by fishing groups in black T-shirts. Many conservationists are afraid to speak out and feel threatened when the fishing lobby takes pictures of anyone opposing their agenda.

Ken Peterson

No question better fisheries management is a key. So is creation of marine protected areas where fish can grow big enough to spawn large numbers of offspring -- young that can help repopulate depleted waters outside the protected areas.


Consumer choices are definitely important, but they're not the only factor or even the key factor in saving our oceans and ending overfishing. Fishery management policy is critical, so we have to look to a new way of managing fisheries (catch shares). The traditional fishery management system is failing us.

Ken Peterson

It is a big challenge. Fortunately ocean ecosystems are resilient and can recover, given half a chance. That's what Seafood Watch is all about: giving consumers tools so they can vote with their dollars for sustainable fisheries. That & encouraging better management of our ocean can make a difference. It won't be easy, but it's not impossible.

Fish Tanks

Wow, 90%, I had no idea we were so close to a crisis involving seafood, obviously something needs to be done right now to sustain this.

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