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February 18, 2010


חדרי תינוקות

Wow!! they look really cute and beautiful. I am a animal lover and I am glad to see a sea otter at last in my life! Animal babies need to be protected from humans as well as other creatures also, so proper care should be taken for their survial in this beautiful world. Can you please update the blog with more pictures??


Ohm a very lovable animals they are so cute please take well care of animals like that. They are very important in our nature.


it is so small ,it needs human to protect them.

baby photography

They are very cute and beautiful and looking cute. Please update me some more blogs with full of cute pictures.

beco gemini

Humans or animals babies they all need care and your love to grow up.

Anak Inya

I never saw a sea otter in my entire life. Thanks for sharing this article.

Rerto Jordans

Underwater world is watching how! With all the fish and other sea, is boundless! The voice TingHai quietly how wonderful!


lol- great pic! thanks for the blog.

fetal heart doppler

Its very funny, I just this morning watched the movie 'Andre', so if you liked this story you should watch it. Ok its a kids movie but it is based on a true story of a seal in Maine in the 60's. OHHHH I really loved it.


I WANT TO COME SEE KIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KIT'S SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maite Brown

Oh I am so glad there's a new baby at Monterrey Aquarium and whatta cutie! Kit will grow up and live out on the bay again. It's good to see that little face on the newsletter! How could you not smile back?

Martha Klinger

Gosh Kit, you look so adorable. We were just there on Feb 14, so we can't wait to see you on our next visit. Love , Claire, age. 8

C. Icore

Wow, that's really cool. We live in Maryland and came to visit this fall. Because of Kit, I think we will renew our membership for another year just to lend a helping hand to Kit and her new family.



We saw her today. She is such a cute little thing. We will look forward to seeing her every time we visit the aquarium.


Welcome Kit! Our 1 year old daughter can't wait to meet you.

Little Willow

Welcome to the MBA, Kit. You're adorable!


so SO cute!


Good luck with Kit!

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