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March 19, 2010



This "six pack" fish could be the next gouverner of the California state! :-)

Wa Alve

Some many people are struggling to get at least in shape, and the fish look a natural six pack abs... hilarious!

Truth About Abs Review

That's crazy - a fish with six pack abs. Most people struggle with this, never mind a fish haha.

8 minute abs

I'm all for better tasting fish even if they are genetically engineered with six pack abs and muscular humps.

Lower Abs Workout

That's ridiculus, a fish with abs. They need to come up with some genetic engineering to change my genes so I can have a six pack. But that is one creepy looking fish.


I was watching a show before the world cup where they trained some goldfish to play with a football over a 3 month period; I guess the myth about the short term memory may not be true after all. They had a penalty shootout with a fish to prove which one of the 2 presenters were the best fish coach.

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