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March 30, 2010


Kendall Correia

I commend promoting more environmentally sustainable practices such as eating locally, driving less, recycling, and doing things like turning off the water while brushing your teeth.

However, to target one specific industry such as the dairy industry is completely uncalled for. The use of methane digestors on dairies is not only extremely expensive, but doesn't produce nearly enough energy in many cases to make it feasible for farmers to implement. People involved in the agricultural industry are the original stewards of the environment and are being unfairly targeted by extreme activists. This was an especially low blow seeing as how the ocean itself is a huge natural methane producer!

The American people as a whole have never known hunger because of the hard work that farmers do to grow crops and raise livestock that feed the world.

Stick to things people can actually do to make a difference like going to farmers' markets, carpooling, or using less water on their lawns. Eating less beef and dairy products won't accomplish anything but damage people's livelihoods.

Not cool.

Chad Boucher

Don't you love how the arrogant liberal elite love to tell us how to live and will bold faced lie to move their agenda and control us "ignorant peons?"

Tina Machado

California Dairy Farmers are sustainable. Clik, read, educate.


you people are ignorant with the cow gas masks??? honestly people cows have been producing methane far longer then there has been a "global warming issue" every time you drive or your tourists and customers drive to your nice so called eco friendly aquarium they are leaving a carbon imprint much larger than any ruminant animal...look up the facts first


I do not agree with your portrayal of the cow in a gas mask. The images you depict in all of your displays weigh heavy on the eyes and minds of the public who view them. You are knowingly distorting facts and creating a sensationalized view of animal agriculture. There is no humor in such actions as it is likely to cause misinformation to spread through communities across the state and country. You are affecting livelihoods yet not addressing the real problem (cars & boosting populations spreading into rural lands). Let's do a better job, MBA. You have a responsibility to educate based on factual information... not on fantasy.


This is ridiculous that such a great scientific organizaiton would promote false claims. Producing less meat and milk will only mean more hunger in poor countries. We should focus on cutting our use of oil and coal for electricity, heating and vehicle for fuels. For example, not use gas to visit the aquarium. Refer to Frank Mitloehner, at UC Davis for accurate facts.

D. Mann

I would like to know if you are only accepting paying guests to your venue who have walked or biked to attend. Surely if you are dedicated to the end of pollution you will not take money from those who drive their SUV's to the aquarium, correct? I've been to MBA and saw many gas guzzling vehicles there. I believe you are being hypocrites, and will encourage all my friends in CA to boycott the MBA until you end this farce.

Bruce Dehm

In a recent study from Cornell University, researchers compared crop and livestock production practices, yields and efficiencies between 1944 and 2007. They discovered that in 1944, a gallon of milk created 29.9 lbs of carbon dioxide. In 2007, that same gallon of milk had a “hoofprint” of only 10.8 lbs of carbon dioxide.

This decrease means that our modern dairy farmers produce almost three times more milk for the same amount of CO2 than just 63 years ago. The study found that similar reductions in other greenhouse gasses including methane and nitrous oxide also occurred. Contrary to some popular beliefs, the practices that are used by modern dairy producers are making agriculture more sustainable, not less.

These practices and technologies include improved cow comfort, better nutrition, superior plant and animal genetics, higher crop yields, and fewer nutrient losses in stored feed supplies.
Dairy farmers are doing their part in reducing emissions of all types.
Why don't you recommend that your customers help reduce their carbon footprint by staying home instead of driving to your facility?

Eddie Martin

The farmers have done a lot of changing in just a few short years if they are so concerned with the big picture they need to use something else beside a cow with a gas mask.
Seems like all we ever hear is how bad the farmers and dairyman are for the environment.
I don't see the humor in it at all. the farmers are doing what they can for the environment(at a big expense) and joke/humor or not it sends a message to the people that we are bad for the environment. "

Jim Peters

You lost your credibility over junk science. No people = no need for cows, no people = less carbon footprint,why not just put a giant condom on the roof?

Before man huge herds of Buffalo grazed all over the plains.

Save the earth- do not emit hydro carbons traveling to the Montery Bay Aquarium in your car! Stay home!

A malsack

America is actually a very responsible country in many aspects with high environmental standards, especially when corporations like dairies are involved. The liberal media would have you believe we are all wallowing in our own s**t and that the rest of the world is squeaky clean. Truth is that we ARE doing very well and messages like cows with gas masks would be most useful in places like China. We all already have the word green shoved down our throats when most of us live like we have common sense. The message overload makes me want to drive a diesel SUV in circles around the aquarium while eating a nice fat cheesburger...

L Di Tomaso

I am outraged by the cow exhibit! Completely ridiculuous & offensive to many! I am saddened that the Aquarium has succumbed to the PROPAGANDA of the enviro-wacko's! Their twisted philosphy is not only anti-human, but anti-LIFE - in their view, is our air is better because we have slaughtered all the millions of buffalo?? Absurd.

David Pinheiro

>Posted by: VH |
>I for one am very happy that the >Monterey Bay Aquarium tackles >difficult issues and takes >individuals to task.

What?Yours is the only post that is happy with the display.Please explain tackling a difficult issue by knowingly LIE and DISTORTING facts.You have been given plenty facts here yet you ignore them.I know why.Its because you have an anti dairy agenda and in your eyes the ends justify the means.Sorry but we will fight back and make sure people know the truth.In the mean time the aquarium will never see a dime from us.


I don't think that the cow is about not eating any meat or dairy, just thinking about cutting back a little bit. I'm confused how thinking about our effect on the environment is such a bad thing and why it causes people to get so offensive.

John Case

Take the cow are blinded by your idealism.

Kim E

What scares me is that the author of the article said something about people having an opportunity to "elf" themselves. Really? I hope that doesn't stand for what I think it does.

What a shame that a wonderful organization such as the Aquarium takes such a low road as to put up such animal right-fueled propaganda as that.

David Pinheiro

Tackles difficult issues?What the heck does that mean?You are slandering people and a way of life with a BS display geared towards an anti dairy message.What color are your glasses?

David Pinheiro

Sad,sad,sad.Why would such a great institution like Monterey Bay Aquarium get into Left wing wacko politics.They are very very wrong and the info is out there if they cared enough to investigate.My family will never again give a dime to them until they apologize and remove the bogus display.How sad for them to succumb to wacko Left wing enviro politics.

Tina Machado

I encourage anyone to visit a California Dairy. You would be impressed at the environmentalist we are. Taking pride in caring for the land, air, and water. California has the STRICTEST EPA standards. Higher than any other state in the USA. We have worked hard and together to give people the safest, top quality product, price affordable product from our farm to your table. California leads where others follow.

I find NO HUMOR in your display. Sadly only division. My family will NOT be visiting MBA until the cow is down.

Tina Machado
Flying M Dairy

Darrel Sweet

Some facts about CA agriculture. 1. CA Air Resources Board does not permit methane digesters to produce energy from dairy waste. 2. Farmers and ranchers ARE improving the environment. They replaced 582 old diesel engines with new ones that run up to 75% cleaner. The emissions reduction was equivalent to taking 153,000 cars off the road! WOW! Dairy producers and NRCS upgraded facilities for 120,000 cows, using their manure to feed field crops and keep it out of water. The milk from those 120,000 cows nourish more than 2.5 million Californians. WOW! New habitat was established that together is the size of 36,000 football fields! Included were 57 miles of hedgerows that, laid end to end, would stretch from Merced to Fresno - a bed and breakfast for 1,500 species of native pollinators and other birds and wildlife. WOW! (see

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