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April 30, 2010


Ken Peterson

With equal respect, there's an overwhelming consensus among thousands of scientists from around the world – a consensus built through decades of peer-reviewed research - that carbon pollution from human activities is changing the global climate.

The warming of the oceans is measurable; the changes in ocean chemistry have been measured and documented; sea levels are rising year by year. All of these measurable, documented effects have been linked directly to greenhouse gases generated by human activities, notably burning of fossil fuels.

As a science-based conservation organization, we're open to hearing about other rigorous, peer-reviewed science on the issue.

Here are a few relevant links to climate science. The first comes from what might be considered an unexpected source:

U.S. Global Change Research:

Cheryl M.

With all due respect, there is no global warming due to manmade reasons. It's the sun! Carbon dioxide is a necessity of life corrupt governments want to tax humans on. Your organization is irresponsible to be pushing manmade global warming. One oil spill is worse than your so called manmade global warming, yet you guys aren't really on top of it warning people what it REALLY means, are you?


Schwarzenegger pulled support for drilling off the coast of California. If only all Republicans had the sense he does!

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