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May 28, 2010


BP Blows T-shirt

@Kelly, is the link broken? I can't see it.

Do you have any alternative link for that video?


Helen Brady

Why aren't there boats pumping the oil out of the water as it approaches the beaches?
It's 2010! Lets get with it. There should be more getting done! As environmentalists you should be spear-heading all of this clean up!!


Have a look at this video on the impact of the oil spill on bluefin tuna:

rudy behrens

For all our technological sophistication we remain nomadic bands of hunter-gatherers when it comes to seafood and energy. When will either industry see the Agricultural Revolution, albeit 12000 years late?
Of course energy companies are rapacious but can we realistically 'manage' wild marine species with a constantly growing world population?
We need to stop listening to our R-cortex and start thinking before it is too late.

mary clark

my mom had an idea to use the stuff that grows in crops and gets cut down to be able to plant the next crop but by taking the stuff such as hay or grass and instead of wasting it ship it out to the oil spill and use it to soak up the oil after they fix the leak then just use a net or something and pick up the grass or stuff...............just an idea that should help

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