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May 03, 2010


Ken Peterson

It is massive, and it is devastating.

Our Husbandry staff is ready and available to assist in wildlife rescue efforts, as we did for sea otters in 1989 following the Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska. When the call comes, we will respond.

Our newest special exhibition, Hot Pink Flamingos, is promoting steps to address global climate change -- including a shift to carbon-free energy that will reduce the need to extract fossil fuels like oil and coal.

We have opposed expansion of offshore oil drilling, and we are supporting efforts to create a national ocean policy to safeguard critical habitats and better protect ocean wildlife. And we're campaigning to set aside more marine protected areas -- including fully protected marine reserves -- so there will be undisturbed places in the ocean where wildlife can recover and repopulate surrounding waters after catastrophes like this one.

Helen Brady

What is Monterey Bay Aquarium doing to help with this tragedy?
It is devistating for every species in the Gulf. This is massive.

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