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June 08, 2010


ליסינג פרטי

Fishing only the right has no effect on the gap near the leak is and will remain for the rest of their lives in our lives. Fishing can be local, temporary effect if left untreated, but this spill kills thousands of square kilometers, and the Sea life completely.


Aren't there a certain type of bacteria that breaks down som of these crude? Also why are we so gullible to think that we can't have recycled and filtered cooking oil as bio diesel which is cheaper to manufacture by balacing NaOH and ETOH to make the litmus paper pink (alkali). Of course use steam for blending the chemicals. Then all you have to do is retrofit the gas tank and lines with polyehtylene. I heard that McDonald's are using some of it in its trucks. Obama has had cash for clunkers, how about cash for engine conversion?
This explains the low compression ratio in today's engine: There is some gov't and oil companies' complicity to milk the global population.


We need to make choices even when none of the alternatives are perfect. Even when it's a question of picking the lesser evil. This is where the well intentioned but radical activists do the most harm.

We NEED to drill for oil. We NEED atomic energy. And of course, we NEED to minimize deleterious effect upon flora and fauna. But we must pursue a rational compromise reflecting the desires and values of our citizenry.

You may want to live a prehistoric lifestyle, as when man's footprint on earth was insignificant, but don't try to impose that upon the rest of us.

Help us obtain more domestic oil. Do help us preserve our environment. And do steer a steady course continuing Monterey Bay Aquarium's good work.


have watched my whole life ,one ecological disaster after another . Reactor meltdowns ,Love Canal , Acid rain , Oil spills , Chemical spills , military and industrial waste left to poison land,water and communities worldwide , global warming - just to name a few . All horrible concerns I remember from high school in the 70's .... We seem to care so much , and yet the convience of living everyday life seems to always matter much more . Sad beyond belief , and I see no answer that doesn't eliminate the human element . How else to leave this poor planet alone to heal ? I hope there is an answer somewhere . I am looking for hope.

Linda Carson

i live in Canada and this disaster has amplified our responsibility to cease off-shore drilling here. I will support every effort to explore alternative sources of energy in order that we may finish with our dependence on oil.
Thank you Monterey Bay Aquarium. I applaud what you continue to do for our wildlife and our oceans.


This is not a political environmental issue so much as a people issue, and until everyone gets that every being is connected, apathy wins out. It's not just the big oil companies, its mostly the general population's mindset>>I was born on the Gulf coast and all my sweet childhood memories include, the aqua blue water, the amazingly abundant aquatic sea life and the easy going way of life on the sandy beaches. My heart is truly broken.

Doug Le Blanc

Is there any possibility for a display of several small home-size aquariums that depict stages of oil spill contamination? They might show the ocean conditions of normal, early spill, full spill, initial stage of clean-up, final stages of clean-up, return to normal or as close as it will get. The time frame could be depicted by a human, beginning as a toddler, then progressing through life. Who knows, you may have to show a grand-kid at the last stage. The spill stages might be a good shock in comparison to the rest of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and may be more effective as a teaching aid, compared to videos and illustrations. Plastic plants and no live fish, of course.

My wife and I are Charter Members, and have enjoyed watching the Aquarium grow in stature and presentation over the years. :-)


Frank: I'm glad that you're concerned about long-term repercussions. It's important to know that about one-quarter of all fish stocks on the planet are collapsing or already collapsed due to overfishing, and an additional half of the world's fish stocks are being fully exploited (i.e., they're already being fished to capacity). Overfishing isn't just a local, temporary problem; it's a global disaster already underway. Julie's not blaming fishing in general; she's correctly pointing out that irresponsible fishing practices around the world are having an enormous, potentially permanent impact on the oceans. Furthermore, mentioning one problem doesn't take weight away from another; these are all urgent issues we face, compounding with each other and demanding serious action at global as well as regional levels.

Steve Reed can't unslap a face. What these oil companies have done is irreversible!


Overfishing is a bigger cocnern than the gulf spill? fishing, over, under and just right does not have the anything close to the impact the gulf spill has and will have for the rest of our lifetimes. fishing can have localized temporary effect if not managed but this oil spill will kill thousands of square miles of sealife completely. leave it to Julie to find a way to blame fishng


Disaster. Very sad.

Obama says ready to "kick ass" over Gulf oil spill
Perhaps, now is too late...

John Brown


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