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July 30, 2010


mary@deepsea animals

We should take care our environment because its our duty. And i was so worried if these creatures will be endangered, if that will happen the next generation will be unfortunate to see the beauty of this animals.


The wind turbines and bio-Wave turbines I have heard about, but making concreat fron seawater and carbon dioxide! That is wild! I hope that in the near future we can use the lessons nature teaches us to lessen our impact on this world. Who knows, maby the aminals can save themselves!

Green Energy

Can you imagine what the world would be like without these creatures? Imagine having to explain to a child exactly what a what a whale was, or how it fitted into the marine ecoworld.

Brianna Munson

Fusionstorm Foundation is trying to help save these animals as well! The sky high levels of plastic and garbage in the ocean, in particular, the North Pacific Gyre, are greatly endangering our marine wildlife. Ocean Voyage Institute (a nonprofit) will going to be going out to clean up all of this trash, however, they need your help! Please check out or post their website on your facebook page.

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