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July 15, 2010



I didn't know that. All i do is buy.

RW Black

Very, very nicely done!

Alison Barratt

@Heidi - for us it's really less about brands and more about how it's caught. There are a number of companies selling troll or pole caught. can be a helpful resource. MSC certified tuna can be found at these locations
Salmon can be a great and healthy substitute. Look for wild-caught from Alaska or Canada. I would imagine that's where your pink is from - but always good to check!

heidi h

Alison can you suggest some brands? i go for Wild Planet skipjack tuna, but are there other brands we should look into? Also, is bumblebee wild pink salmon in a pouch sustainable? I use it as a tuna substitute and it tastes great!

baby crib

My tuna comes from the Philippines and I am confident that it is safe.

Alison Barratt

"Wild-caught" refers to all tuna (and any other species) that is living its life free in the wild before being captured by fishermen. This is in contrast to animals that are farmed, or raised in a captive situation in some way.

If your tuna can only shows "caught in the Philipines" and "dolphin-safe," then it doesn't seem that it is troll/pole caught as this would be clearly stated on the label. We'd recommend you avoid this product.


What does it mean if the tuna is "wild-caught"? My tuna comes from the Philippines, and is also dolphin safe.

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