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August 02, 2010



Oh my goodness! I was just there and it was the cutest thing in the world!!!


hopefully she will turn out ok! she seems so cute,little, and helpless!!


Good luck raising 502!


awww, i wish i didn't live so far away - i'd love to see this baby and new momma! i'll have to watch the live cam instead - sigh....

Deborah Aracic

How about waiting until school starts and put out a notice to school students to suggest names for the new 502 pup.


How fitting that the surrogate mommy will be Joy (laughs)

Christa Schoemaker-Wilcke

I am coming at the end of august and it will be great to see this little one. ;-)

Rose Linck

502 is an angel and I am so happy she is recieving such fabulous care. I wish I could come to see she and Kit! I think I would name her Moreen, Ginger or Mary Ann!

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