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August 12, 2010


Ken Peterson

@Monica -- That shark, as well as four others we've kept on exhibit, was successfully returned to the wild. (Sadly, one later died in a commercial fishing net.)

All sharks brought to Monterey for exhibit are fitted with electronic tracking tags when they're released. As part of our White Shark Research Project, we've documented their travels as far south as Baja California.

Details here:

Monica Gallagher

I recently saw the episode of the PBS show Nature from 2006 that featured a young, female great white shark that was on display at the aquarium. What happened to her? I see on the list of animals that there is not a white shark currently on display.

Ken Peterson

That would be above and beyond the call of duty!


"We won't know for certain if this was was one of ours -- unless Chuck or another surfer is willing to wipe the algae off and record the identifying number on the leader next time he spots the shark."

chuck seems like just the kind of guy to follow thru on this for ya. great video.

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