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August 17, 2010


Wally Charters

As a South Florida charter captain I see plastic bags, bottels and other debries float by every day. Much of it comes from land but a lot comes from carless boaters who do not secure ther garbage. We keep closed containers on our boat for garbage. That way the wind can't blow the garbage back out of the containers.

Rick Thomas

The situation is worse in under developed countries like india, pakistan and some other african and south asian countries. More than blaming people, it is actually the government in these countries which is 90% responsible for polluting the waters. In India, 20% of the coral reefs are GONE.
Like DH above, worry above all!

- Rick


Water pollution happens all over the place. Worst is, there's no effort of cleaning and beautifying. Marine life turned into disaster and i can't help but to worry.

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