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September 13, 2010



Thanks Whole Foods! Personally I appreciate what you're doing. This is why I shop there.


Whole Foods Market is fielding a lot of questions about how they've chosen the seafood

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Ken Peterson

To Everyone: Whole Foods Market is fielding a lot of questions about how they've chosen the seafood in their case on their blog, at

Check it out.

Ken Peterson

@Sarah -- The Aquarium and Seafood Watch base our seafood recommendations on scientific research (from fisheries management agencies and other sources) that goes through an outside review process before we release the reports on which our recommendations are based.

The factors we take into account in rating seafood are all available on our website, They're all based on elements we believe are essential so that fisheries will remain healthy and productive for the long term -- healthy both for the oceans, and for the people who make a living catching the fish that people eat.

Sarah B

I think many people are missing the point, that Seafood watch and Monterey Bay Aquarium have been very irresponsible in releasing this so-called 'red list'. Understandably, some seafood's are unsafe and should not be purchased by consumers, but clearly SW and MBA have not done their research...Many items, or at least some, have no business being red listed, and doing so can be very harmful to a lot of honest people just trying to make a living. Furthermore, Marine Stewart Certification has come under a great deal of scrutiny in recent years, as a consumer I would and will not be trusting in their "sustainable labeling". This whole thing seems like marketing toward US product / gererous backers of these organizations. Sickening doesn't begin to describe it.

Brian Russo

This is publicity nonsense, it doesn't take 3 years to implement this sort of thing.

How about just stop selling red-listed fish immediately? The average consumer is too lazy to say "Oh no, I can't buy bluefin here.. I'll go somewhere else". Nah, they'll just buy something else.

Besides, MSC certifications are a joke. They're like the "dolphin safe" logos on canned tuna. It's true dolphin safe nets reduced small whale/dolphin deaths dramatically - but they also increased bycatch of sharks and other unwanted bony fish substantially. Most of this bycatch is tossed back into the ocean - dead.

Makes the uninformed consumer feel better and protects the store's bottom line, so who cares right?


This is insidious and a bad deal for Seafood Watch who are giving into MSC and corporate blue washing.

Seafood Watch and Oceana lost the battle last year over the MSC Pacific Hake fishery and now they have completely given into letting MSC supersede their own RED rankings inside Whole Foods seafood case?!?!?! And this comes at the same time a growing worry in the scientific community that MSC is not doing its job:

Ken Bone. Publisher of the Oceanview Newsletter

The entire Monterey Bay Aquarium staff is to be commended for their decade plus commitment to educate the nationwide public to move to sustainable seafood in the markets and restaurants. Thanks on behalf of all seafood consumers. Keep up the great educational effort.


Good for Whole Foods. One suggestion to help people improve their diets, to make available subtainable fish that are not so costly.


Hopfeully phasing out Red items does not mean waiting for MSC certification or other pay-to-certify schemes to make them Yellow. Down with MSC certified Chilean Sea Bass!!!!


Probably decided to wait till 2013 because of longer term contracts for seafood, and to negotiate and secure new contracts. This is a major chain don't forget, it may take many months to year to make changes. They could probably do it faster but at greater cost. Oh well no need to look a gift horse in the the mouth.

Although my family decided to give up even "sustainable" sourced seafood to give the oceans a break, if and when we do buy seafood this will be the way to go. Besides, there's a whole foods on my bike ride home from work.

Dennis Baniaga

Fantastic, Whole Foods! Thanks for taking responsibility in this issue. This act of corporate integrity will return to you a hundred fold. I'll be buying my fish from you guys from now on.

Lorri Nelson

Why the need to wait until 2013 to stop selling red-list items? Once the red tag is displayed the sales of those items will most likely go down anyway.

Margie Rick

Whole Foods is taking their sweet time eliminating the fish listed on the "red" list. Why will it take until 2013 to make the shift? I applaud their effort, but I think they could have shown more commitment by moving away from the "red" list fish more quickly. I strikes me as just a publicity ploy and not a real commitment.

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