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October 07, 2010


Alison Barratt

Hi Terry,
The only way to really tell the difference is by the color of their heads and faces. All of the adults have blonde hair - a natural feature of aging otters! Young Kit has a dark head. As you noticed, she's pretty much the same size as the adults these days. But that's about right for an animal her age. They grow so fast!

Terry Schuller

I went in to see Kit and Rosa today Sat. It was right after the 3:30 feeding. One of the otters was swimming around on her back with the other one on her belly. Which was which? I presume Rosa was doing the swimming and Kit was asleep on her belly; but she looks so large, in fact she
looks as large as Rosa now. So was just curious. There was no tag on either so I couldn't use that to help identify.

Thanks so much for an answer.

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