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January 16, 2011



Why hello there little otter! :) (Sorry I couldn't resist. He looks like he is waving at me)

I absolutely love these stories and hope there are many more to come in 2011. Penguin chicks may just be one of the cutest creatures on earth.


Sarah Kush

I am responding to the article on "A look at the biggest challenges-and the way Forward," that lets us know how we have begun Fishing Further and deeper into the oceans because of the new technology we have encompassed, and how harsh of a problem this has become to the biodiversity of our oceans. The Pew Oceans Commissions say that the worlds oceans are now in a state of "silent collapse," well, apparently, if scientists have estimated over 90% of Large predatory fish having been removed out of the oceans. If we don't soon make a difference in the kind of fish we buy, consume and choose, the problem with our overfishing habits and the damage we put species habitats in danger of will continue, and this issue will soon become the main contributor for the increase of deadzones forming all across our world.

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