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January 11, 2011


Juanita Brown

Yippee! Great work Monterey Bay Aquarium in creating the conditions to sustain new life! I love you all!

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Great post as always. Thank for creating time to write...Will continue to follow you.

Barby Dornbusch

Amazing! Monterey Bay Aquarium!!!

What a incredible place that aquarium
is. I love going there. I become a child when I am there.

Alison Barratt

@Wally - I have now posted a response. I was waiting for answer from our husbandry staff regarding the "recognition" question and only just found the response in my inbox. As I'm sure you can imagine, it's been a busy day with a new baby on board!

Alison Barratt

@thewarrren. great questions!
1) when the chick returns to exhibit at around 80 days, it will be considered "fledged" and therefore won't need parental care. Once birds fledge they don't need to maintain a relationship with parents. Being raised by staff will not impact the relationship between this chick and other penguins. Many birds are hand-raised under other situations and are accepted by flock/colony.

2. Before we had a permit for captive rearing, any eggs laid were removed from the nest very early in the incubation process and replaced with replicas. This is common practice in zoos where adding to the population is restricted for any reasons. It can be very difficult to tell at an early stage if an egg is viable (fertilized) and in fact we did not know for sure even with this one that it was until the hatching started.


the information about the little penguin was so great. can't wait to hear more!

justy G,11-los angeles


Welcome to the world, baby penguin!!! So nice to see you being so cute. :D


Two questions were asked by "Thewarren", and the aquarium answered neither one in its respose. Are they hiding something?

Anntoinnette Silva Backus

A good name him would be, Enero, for the month of January.


This is great news!

Cornelia Lange - Germany

Hello baby, welcom - Congratulations Monterey Bay Aquarium!!!

Carli Stevens

What fantastic news! I can't wait to take my grandson down from Santa Cruz to try to get a peek at the little one. The exam video is precious and shows exactly how small it is. It has a nice round belly too. Carli Stevens


very exciting news!
I have 2 questions
1) will the parents and colony recognize the baby after it has been raised by humans?
2) were there previous viable eggs that were not allowed to hatch until permission was given?
thanks much

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Kim, permission for our birds to breed comes from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, as part of its Species Survival Plan, to ensure genetic diversity.
-Monterey Bay Aquarium

Claudia Dorsey

Thanks! This is so fun to learn about. We moved out of state and miss the Monterey Bay Aquarium so much. We'll be back, though -- hopefully soon.


Very exciting. Congratulations!

kim h

why was the aquarium previously not permitted to raise penguin chicks?


Welcome, baby!

betty murphy

Oh thank you so much for sharing this wonderful event. I have a it unusual for captive penguins to take care of their young after they hatch??? I am looking forward to more fotos and good news as our little friend grows and blossoms!!!!
Thank You!

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