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January 14, 2011


pinguin kostüm

your post is very interesting i already added on my blog links

Penguin Lover

Hi, just have to say what a wonderful job you are doing, I also care for penguins on Granite Island, Australia. However they are a different species, I care for Eudyptula Minors, we have a rehabilitation area to rescue the penguins that have been injured, so I understand your desire to care for this chick.
In the species Eudyptula Minor it is quite usual for one of the chicks to die, there is only a 60% chance that both chicks survive. This being due to the fact that one chick is naturally more dominant/stronger than the other. I don't know if that is the same with your species?
It was strange when I read this article as we have recently had a chick ourselves who is now 4months old, and her name is also Aimee, the same as the lady that the quotes belonged to, coincidence!
Congratulations with the new chick. Hope all goes well.
From...Penguin Lover.

Ken Peterson

@Petrina - This from our staff veterinarian, Dr. Mike Murray:

Thanks for your interest. A very astute observation there.

While the hand was ungloved, it had been subjected to a traditional 5-minute scrub with an antimicrobial soap, just as before gloving for surgery. I try to alternate between the two techniques to give my hands a bit of a break. (I need to handle animals frequently as the staff veterinarian.)

As to contributing to the unfortunate death, there is no evidence that a bacterial infection, which is what one might be concerned about, was a component of the problem.

Petrina Chiovitti

Could not help but notice first baby chick's vet check was with gloved hands but second baby chick's was not. Could that have contributed to it's demise?


i loved the info on the 2 baby penguin please keep me informed

justy G, 11


What a cutie he is!!! and having a foster parents is a good thing, though. :)

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