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March 21, 2011



I think Flex just wanted to take a road trip. Very unique and majestic animals.



It's so sad that although the whale hunting was banned since 1947, gray whale situation is still very serious. Western gray whale populations have not been rebuilt till now, as a result of wild hunting practiced without any restriction. :(

Pepe Fenjul Jr.

Also interesting, Roy made a fateful voyage in 1913 aboard the 113′ schooner Adventures with the Borden party. Again in search of a whale for AMNH in the waters off Alaska. They didn’t get their whale but made some other amazing discoveries in the Privolov Islands.


I had the opportunity to visit during the Holiday with my family there are 20 at Holiday twenty years in California, I keep a wonderful memory and I recommend it to anyone who passes by Monterey

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