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September 01, 2011


Ken Peterson

@Jeff - The longest any of the sharks has been with us is 6-1/2 months. How long this one stays depends on whether he continues to feed well, navigate well and get along with the other animals in the Open Sea exhibit.

If all those factors are fine, our Husbandry staff would make a decision on release based on their ability to safely return the shark to the wild -- safely for the shark, and for the people that will handle him during the release process.

Jeff Blundell

When will the shark be released?

Ken Peterson

Andrea, according to our vet, Dr. Mike Murray, the shark is healing well, swimming well and feeding well. He's not developing new abrasions. You can keep an eye on him via our HD streaming webcam, or take a closer look when you visit.

Andrea LeGault


how is this gw's nose healing according to the vet?

Andrea LeGault


Thanks for sharing aquarium information.

gotta love it!

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