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October 25, 2011


Ben Benjabutr

This creature is truly amazing!


I saw the baby great white on Friday and, my, my such grandeur in such a very small creature. He is a majestic animal.

I learned that when he was born he immediately leaves his mother, that they are hard-wired from the beginning for survival on their own.


This is so sad. I wanted to see him. My very first time at the aquarium, I went to one of the presentations and they showed a mini documentary about the other shark here which made me want to see one. But I guess it will have to be next time.

Ken Peterson

Thank you, Janet and Zack -- he is an amazing animal and we feel fortunate we were able to introduce him to so many people during the two months he was in Monterey.

Zack, keep following the Aquarium's email and Facebook news. Our 11th Project White Shark field season resumes next summer and we hope to bring another shark up north.


So sad I missed this one. I had planned on seeing him next weekend. Such an amazing animal

Janet Williams

What a beautiful shark and a wonderful opportunity to have on site at the Aquarium for all to see.

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